Our Farm

A bit of history... The Jonasson family arrived in Canada from Iceland in 1891. They took up homesteading and the Jonasson Farm was established in 1901. In 1904 they received the title to 36-16-9. We celebrated a Century Farm in 2004. Five generations have carried on the farm.

Over the years cattle has been the mainstay of the farm. Icelandic sheep were introduced when Ted read about them and persued the idea of purchasing 2 young sheep; a ewe we named Mary and a ram named Thor. And in a short time another ewe, Runa, was purchased. Our flock grew and today we have over 30 beautiful Icelandic sheep.

We presently market the raw fleece, processed wool and tanned hides. Our fleece is natural colors of black, dark brown, light brown, tan, cream and white. Young sheep are available to sell as well.

Over the years we have raised horses, cattle, ducks, geese,wild turkeys, pheasants and chickens. Truly a mixed farm and presently raise black angus cattle, Icelandic sheep, 4 goats and chickens.

June 17, 2017
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