Our Farm

The Jonasson family farm was established in 1901 when Jacob and Paulina Jonasson arrived from Iceland. The farm was taken over by Fred & Halla and in 1967 was puchased by their son Ted & wife, Lynne . Presently 3 generations are actively farming. We celebrated a “Century Farm” in 2004 and we now have the 5th generation involved in the farm.

Over the years we raised cattle and some grain. Also part of the farm over the years have been variety of animals: horses, pigs, wild turkey, pheasants, chickens, goats, and many others. Icelandic sheep were introduced a few years ago starting with the purchase of a ewe (Mary) and a ram (Thor). Our flock has increased to over 30 with many different colors and personalities.

We still raise black angus cattle, along with the sheep.

Call ahead and drop by for a visit!! Visiting the farm can be a fun experience for kids too!

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